Our Vision

Our Mission


Our vision is to empower, mentor, and inspire cultural, global and peace competent Women and Youth leaders who will make a difference in today’s interconnected world.


Areas of Expertise

  • Immigrant and Refugee Acculturation- Tips for Navigation the New Environment   Education, Health and How to stay Healthy in a Stressful Environment
  • Immigrant and Refugee Acculturation- Tips for Service Providers and Organizations
  • Resiliency- Strategies to overcome Adversity and difficult situations
  • Sports and Traditional Sports and Games to promote:
            -Peace, and
            -To teach life and soft skills
  • Sports and Physical Activity for Health and Stress Management
  • Cross-Cultural Competency
  • Global Competency
  • Sports for PEACE

Empowering Women and Youth to leverage their potential to be Effective, Resilient, Inclusive, and Peacebuilding Servant Leaders (E.R.I.P.S) in today’s diverse and global society. 

WOYO & Global Diversity Consulting LLC believes that, empowered women, youth and individuals who are culturally, global and peace competent are synergized to leverage their skills and knowledge to provide effective leadership and innovative approaches to societal problems in their homes, communities and beyond.