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This organization was established for the exclusive purpose of advancing the academic success and career growth of Kenyan students in Diaspora living in North Carolina, USA.

Through mentoring, cross-cultural training, and scholarship empowerment, the hope is to empower future leaders in the Kenyan community to take their skills to a global scale.

Our Vision

Students will be empowered and equipped to achieve their academic and professional goals and contribute to a global and diverse workplace.

Our Mission

To empower Kenyan and Kenyan American students to expand their horizons as global professionals and community change agents.

Providing mentorship, advisement, career coaching, and scholarship support

Providing scholarship support for research collaborations, study abroad, service learning and community engagement

Spearheading cross-cultural training to promote acculturation, global connections and study abroad

Facilitating workshops, symposiums, local and international collaborative academic trips and conferences

KESID foundation activities will target the following student groups:

  • Kenya international students in Diaspora,
  • Kenya International student-athletes in Diaspora,
  • Kenyan American students in Diaspora
  • Partnership with America students interested in study abroad and collaborative research projects
  • Cultural projects and events abroad

Our board is composed of industry leaders with extensive experience dedicated to furthering opportunities for Kenyan Students. The board serves to organize leadership events, establish exceptional accounting and financial procedures, and broaden the experiences of Kenyan students.

Through their skills and collaborative efforts, they were able to fundraise over $10,000 within their first month of launching to aid students in transitions heightened by the pandemic.