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About Us


WOYO GDC believes that empowered, skilled, and resourced women and youth possess the skills and knowledge it takes to create the synergy and leverage their expertise to provide effective leadership and innovative approaches to societal problems in their homes, communities, and beyond. 

  • Women empowerment and leadership workshops, symposiums, conference, luncheons Women as Agents of Peace
  • Parental involvement in Education
  • Everyday Divas!- Balancing work, Personal life while staying Healthy & Beautiful!
  • Keynotes and plenaries
  • KESID Support and Mentoring
  • Sports for Peace, Health, Character Development & Life skills
  • Mentoring & Academic Advisement Youth Empowerment workshops & Conference on diverse topics
  • Academic Success & Drop out Prevention ( K-12 & College)
  • Cultural, Diversity and Global Awareness Workshops and Clubs
  • Celebrating Others” and “Understanding their World
  • Cultural and Global Competency workshops, Symposiums & Conferences
  • Global Awareness & Cultural Diversity Trips
Our Vision

Our vision is to empower, mentor, and inspire youth and women who will make a difference in today’s interconnected global world.

Our Mission

To empower women and youth to leverage their potential to be Effective, Resilient, Inclusive, and Peacebuilding Servant leaders (E.R.I.P.S.) in today’s diverse and global society.

To achieve the above, the Women and Youth and Global Diversity Consulting will focus on services:

  • Mentoring, networking, and educational information for students in Kenya and Diaspora 
  • Workshops, symposiums, and conference on Women and Youth Empowerment and Education 
  • Keynote speaking and plenaries.
  • Wellness and Spiritual Fitness workshops, symposiums, and conferences 
  • Cultural, Global and Peace Competency training, workshops, symposiums, and conferences 
  • Global Awareness & Cultural Diversity Trips 
  • Celebrating Others” and “Understanding their World” Luncheons and Clubs 
  • Sports and Traditional Games to promote resiliency and to teach Life skills 
  • Physical, Sports and Traditional sports events for wellness and peacebuilding events  
  • First A.I.D., C.P.R., AED Certifications (Provided through J.V.V. Wellness) 


  • Immigrant and Refugee Acculturation- Tips for Navigation the New Environment Education, Health and How to Stay Healthy in a Stressful Environment
  • Spiritual and Physical Fitness workshops
  • Immigrant and Refugee Acculturation- Tips for Service Providers and Organizations
  • Resiliency – Strategies to overcome Adversity and difficult situations
  • Sports and Traditional Sports and Games to promote: 1) resiliency, 2) Peace, and 3) to teach life and soft skills.
  • Global Competency
  • Cross-Cultural Competency
  • Sports for PEACE
  • Sports and Physical Activity for Health and Stress Management
  • Community Engagement
  • Domestic Violence
  • Diaspora and Immigrant Experience

Offering Cultural and conflict-resolution competency training and outreach program​s

Connecting women, youth and students with leaders in their communities through events, programs and collaborative activities

Providing education programs for academic and wellness purposes that they can pass on their communities

CEO and Founder

Professor Rotich is the CEO and Founder of KESID and WOYO (Women & Youth) Global Diversity Consulting and JVV Wellness and Safety LLC. She serves on the Commission of Research & Publication of ICTSG, established at the 2018 UNESCO Collective Consultation on TSG. She is a dedicated servant leader, educator, scholar, change agent, motivational speaker, and women, youth, and peace champion who is committed to excellence, community engagement, and international collaboration.

Professor Rotich’s work in the academe and community has not gone unnoticed. Her exemplary work has earned her many recognitions and awards that include the: 2016 recipient of the Greensboro Community Partnerships Chamber of Commerce Other Voices Change Agent Award; 2015 recipient of the University of North Carolina Board of Governors Excellence in Teacher award; 2015 recipient of the School of Education Senior faculty teaching excellence award; 2014 recipient of the University North Carolina A&T State University Faculty Community Engagement scholarship Award;2013 recipient of the National Phi Epsilon Kappa Honors Society, Distinguished Advisor Award; Gottabgaa International Community Empowerment Award, Dallas, Texas; North Carolina Kenyan Chapter; 2012 recipient, Health and Wellness Research and community Service Award; 2014 recipient of the School of Education Advising Award and was recently voted and recognized as one of the TOP 40 Kenyan women who inspire and motivate fellow Kenyans within the Kenyan America Diaspora and many others.